Cushions – Workmanship in cushion is equally as important as the design of the cushion itself. The stitching must be irreproachable, the filling must well dispersed and heavy, the fabric must not fade. All of this so your cushion doesn’t end up looking like a thin old cushion that can be found all too often in our homes.

Our indoor cushions from Zaab Black are truly premium, with great attention to detail and feather filling. Made from all natural fibers, cottons, linen & cotton velvet, they are made in Australia, in a large 50cm size.

To dress your outdoor areas, we also offer a vibrant range of cushions specifically designed to sustain the Australian climate, from Zaab Black Outdoor. They are fade resistant, water resistant, and look absolutely stunning and full, thanks to a unique polyester fabric that is arguably the softest outdoor fabric available. It has a subtly grain to it that looks and feel like linen. Like the indoor cushions, they are available in a large 50cm size, with piping for a classic finish.

All our cushions are filled with super lofting polyester inserts, handmade in Australia.