Blinds are often chosen for their ease of use and low maintenance.

At That Home Feel, our blinds are built to last and withstand the Australian climate, using a combination of materials sourced and made by world-class manufacturers. We are one of the only online retailers that works with a full in-house Quality Assurance team and lab and have spent months perfecting the balance of our composition before a blind product is released. All of our ready to hang blinds are consistently inspected (every single production batch) to ensure they meet the highest standard before they are packaged and shipped it to you. We know that this kind of care is a necessary part of the quality we promise. The result? Blinds that weather busy homes and stand the test of time.

All our ready to hang blinds are crafted using a selection of robust composition materials. We choose Polyester for our blinds and PVC for our Venetian blinds because it gives the softness and durability required and suited to daily living. Our Polyester has a tightly woven finish and is designed with YOU in mind, every time. If you’re after blinds that feel great, look great and are family-friendly too, our ready to hang blind range is a good bet.

Ready-made blinds are the perfect option for those looking to add a statement to their home decorating scheme yet don’t have the time or budget that allows for organising custom-made blinds. Quick and convenient! When you buy from That Home Feel your blinds arrive ready-to-hang. That’s right! You can renovate your home, on your own, in a matter of minutes! We even have dodgy ‘how to’ installation instruction videos if you need some extra help… or a laugh.

Shop with confidence! We understand fully that sometimes things just do go to plan. Which is why we offer returns and exchanges on all full-priced online orders if you realise that have purchased the wrong size or if the style simple does not suit your home. Shop now and have your order despatched in 24 hours with Australia wide shipping!