Venetian Blinds — perfectly designed to give you an advantage of controlling your privacy, lights and thermal insulation needs. We have wide range of Venetian Blinds in different colors, shades, style and finish. We are selling high quality venetian blinds that are easy to install. All our Venetian Blinds are locally made and manufactured in Australia.

Our faux wood Venetian offers a much more contemporary and sophisticated look than aluminum ones.  Some may say it helps create a traditional Victorian look, some may say it is the typical Queenslander home look. What is certain is that our faux wood venetian blinds help create a crisp ambiance thanks to its pure white finish, and offers the main function of privacy, day and night, and reducing glare on TV and computer screens without having to block all the light, All you need is to slightly tilt the slats to the desired angle. Being a faux wood finish, meaning that it has a timber grain finish but is actually made of PVC, it can be cleaned very easily and is well suited to humid areas.